Write an expression that represents the area of a rectangle given that the

Instructional Implications Review the area formula for a rectangle using the symbols A for area, l for length, and w for width. Examples of Student Work at this Level The student attempts a mathematically incorrect approach to finding the area. Explain the relationship between the two expressions using appropriate mathematical vocabulary.

The expression for the length of a rectangular garden is x+3 and the (continued in desc)

What do the numbers represent? Examples are given to show you how to use the formulas. Include an explanation of the rationale for writing expressions in equivalent form. For a triangle with the side lengths of a, b and c, its perimeter P, will be: Also, be sure the student understands that not all polynomials are factorable.

What is this expression telling you to do to the width of the rectangle?

If you use a set of parentheses instead of w in your equation, could you figure out what goes in the parentheses? Parallelogram Formula The lesson on the perimeter of a parallelogram will explain the basics.

Be sure the student understands that the factored and expanded forms of a given polynomial are equivalent, but one form might be more useful in a given problem setting.

Rectangle Expressions

Can you tell me the formula used to determine the area of this figure? Questions Eliciting Thinking Is there a way other than division to determine the missing factor for a trinomial? Discuss the operation that relates the length and the width in the area formula and how the length and the width can be considered factors of the area.

What is the result? Where did the numbers come from? Did you get back to your original trinomial? What kind of expression is used to describe the length? Square Formula The lesson on the perimeter of a square will provide the explanation and examples needed to understand this formula.

Find the perimeter of this parallelogram. Instructional Implications Make sure the student understands the terms expression and equivalent expression.Example.

Determine the Width

Given a rectangle with the length of 5ft and the width of 3ft. Find its perimeter. Students are given equivalent expressions with rational coefficients and asked to explain what each expression represents within the context of the problem.

The student can explain how Brit’s expression represents the perimeter of the rectangle but does not recognize. Distributive Property Using Area NAME _____ Write the expression that represents the area of each rectangle.

1. 5 2. 7 3.

a 4. x 4 Write the area of each rectangle as the product of length widthu and also as a sum of the areas of each box. x 7 5. Determine the Width Students are asked to find the width of a rectangle whose area and length are given as polynomials. Subject(s): Challenge the student to write an expression for the width of the rectangle if the given trinomial represented the perimeter of the rectangle.

Oct 04,  · This video provides and example of how to determine the formula for the area of a rectangle with the length and width are given as binomial expressions. Jul 18,  · Finding an Algebraic Expression for the Perimeter of a Given Rectangle.

Here we find a simplified algebraic expression for the perimeter of a rectangle Perimeter and Area of Algebraic.

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Write an expression that represents the area of a rectangle given that the
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