We all fall down by robert cormier

I guess my romantic side is stubborn. I guess my lazy side prefers clearly divided chapters preferably with the name of the respective character in the title Jane and Buddy are two broken teenagers, both coming from a destroyed family.

Maybe even the loser kind of guy. Cause they are so good and sweet together, less broken. I think those 2 would actually had a chance. He commits suicide at the end of the book as he is about to murder Jane. However, Cormier chooses for originality and throws in a mentally disturbed person who, in the end, reveals everything to Jane.

She thinks that when she is with Buddy everything is wonderful and her troubles go away. And those yellow stains under the paint in her bedroom.

It is then revealed that Mickey committed those crimes 30 years ago and is planning to kill Jane for dating Buddy. And I loved that! Buddy Walker[ edit ] Buddy Walker, 16, changes after his family has been broken into.

We All Fall Down

But he makes a mistake again by not telling Jane the truth. Jane Jerome[ edit ] In the novel, Jane Jerome, 16, is one of the main characters. But after a few pages, it was ofcourse no problem at all. And what they had, how sweet it might have been, was maybe not so beautiful after all.

Predictable would be that Karen wakes up, recognizes Buddy from that night, and tells Jane. Later on in the story, he starts noticing Jane and begins to fall for her and fills the empty hole with the love for Jane.

He tries to change, to stop drinking. It is also obvious that he feels guilty for what they did to Jane and her family. However, while desperately trying to cope with the incident of his father moving out and him not telling Jane about the trashing, Buddy struggles to find comfort and support.

The Avenger[ edit ] Mickey "Looney" or Mickey Stallings, a middle-aged man, has killed a bully at school and his grandfather. She goes to high school and lives with her parents, her younger sister, Karen, and her younger brother, Artie, in a small town named Burnside.

He is portrayed as 11 most of the story, until he abducts Jane Jerome. Because Buddy was not strong enough, or smart or courageous enough, or whatever, to confess everything, their relationship was beyond repair.

When reading this book and noticing the ominous and sinister writing style of the author, you know the ending will be upsetting.


A childlike stalker calling himself "The Avenger" witnesses the incident and, enraged, begins to track down each culprit. Well, I guess I actually did scream. So from all the possible bad endings, I guess this is the best alternative.

I thought I knew all along who the Avenger was but damn the author mislead me. End note A book that can make me feel practically every emotion humanly possible, deserves the full 5 stars.

The superintendent did this in response to a complaint from a parent regarding violence in the book. The principal even contacted other middle schools in the district to warn them of the challenged novel.

After the vandalism, the book separates into three discrete storylines: I have to admit, Cormier really got me there.

Jane, Buddy and the so called Avenger. I knew his heart is in the right place when he freaks out the moment his fellow trashers are attacking Karen. She feels less comfortable in her home. For some time, it seems as though Buddy finds these things in groups of individuals, but they do not offer Walker true companionship.

And I just knew this book would upset me. They instead offer him the temptation and consolation found with alcohol. Buddy is obviously a messed up kid. She allows him to kiss her, hug her, and caress her. Instead, he finds solace in drinking.A look into the psychology.

We All Fall Down An in-depth look into the characters Jane Jerome The Psychology in the Story In the novel, 16 year old Jane Jerome is one of the main characters. She goes to Burnside high school and lives with her parents, her younger sister Karen, and her younger.

We All Fall Down has 2, ratings and reviews. John said: ★ ★ ★ ★ 1/2We All Fall Down marks only the second Young Adult book that I’ve ever read a /5. Robert Cormier is an excellent author who opens with a shocking start which lures the reader into his novel of We All Fall Down.

Throughout the entire story the reader is /5(52). We All Fall Down by Robert Cormier Created by We All Fall Down. Essay Question: Cormier is particularly effective in his use of language to develop characterisation.

How What is a distinctive idea explored in We All Fall Down? Explain how this idea is developed. We All Fall Down Summary In his novel Cormier addresses problems which most of today's teen-agers have encountered in one way or another. Vandalism and violence play an important role in everyday life of youth, be it at home, at school, at leisure, or in visual media.

We All Fall Down is a suspense novel for young adults written by Robert Cormier.

Plot. In the small town of Burnside, the Jerome's family house is destroyed by teenage vandals, who defecate on the floors and push their daughter down the stairs, placing her in a coma.

We all fall down by robert cormier
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