The various stages in the process of criminal investigation

Rules Sources of rules in criminal justice include the U. Decisions are based on discretion, that is, the individual exercise of judgment to make choices about alternative courses of action.


Nevertheless, a summon case can be converted into a warrant case by the magistrate if after looking into the case he thinks that the case is not a summon case. The person accused need not be present personally.

Rules and decision making are at the center of this process. However, if the police immediately arrest you or another person for the crime, this can impact how the criminal investigation moves forward.

Arraignment by a judge. While you may expect the entire investigation to proceed in that order, the various parts of the investigation, including questioning any suspects and making arrests, can occur at various times throughout the process. A crime scene investigation begins well before the CSI enters a structure, an open field or wooded area.

Most often this is done to avoid drawing on-lookers and the media who may be monitoring the dispatch frequency. Those cases in which an offense is punishable with an imprisonment of not more than six months can be tried in a summary way.

Bail is an amount of money paid by a defendant to ensure he or she will show up for a trial. Second, in many jurisdictions, the court may decide not to sentence the offender, but to instead suspend imposition of sentence and place the offender on probation.

If there is doubt based on reason, the accused is entitled to be acquitted. Unlike some TV dramas, the CSI is on site for the purpose of finding, evaluating and collecting physical evidence.

Basic Stages for a Crime Scene Investigation — Possible Homicide

Generally, a trial proceeds as follows: The defendant and his or her attorney can be present at this hearing to dispute the charges. An opportunity is given to the accused in a case where he is not being acquitted to produce so as to defend his case.

The Stages In The Prosecution Process

When the person is convicted, then both sides are invited to give arguments on the punishment which is to be awarded. If law enforcement determines that the evidence uncovered during pre-arrest investigation reveals that a crime was committed and a suspect is identified, law enforcement may arrest the suspect or, depending upon the jurisdiction, present the investigation results to the prosecuting attorney.Steps In a Criminal Case Pretrial Proceedings The Circuit Court Judge may be called upon to resolve various pre-trial issues, Sentencing in Michigan varies with the crime and can be the most confusing part of the criminal process.

Most often, sentences are at the judge's discretion. Criminal prosecution develops in a series of stages, beginning with an arrest and ending at a point before, during or after trial. The majority of criminal cases terminate when a criminal defendant accepts a plea bargain offered by the prosecution.

In a plea bargain, the defendant chooses to plead. A chronology for the discrete stages of a criminal prosecution may be identified in the criminal procedure systems of all jurisdictions. Traditionally, The Stages In The Prosecution Process.

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Criminal Investigation Process

Outline. Add to Library. Law Dictionary. CASE BRIEFS. B. Pre-arrest Investigation. The different stages of criminal trial in a summon case are given from Section to Section of the Code of Criminal procedure. Stages of Criminal Trial in a Summons Case Pre-trial: In the pre-trial stage, the process such as filing of FIR and investigation is.

Four Stages Of Criminal Justice Process

The following information provides an overview of common stages of a criminal investigation and prosecution in adult criminal proceedings.

It is important to remember that many of the stages identified here can recur throughout a. The 10 Stages of a Criminal Case Steps Begin When Someone Is Arrested.

Share Flipboard Email Print The trial itself usually has six important stages before a verdict is reached. The final stage is right before the jury is sent to deliberate and decides on your guilt or innocence. Learn About the Jury Trial Process in a Criminal Case.

The various stages in the process of criminal investigation
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