The mystery of the female genitalia and female mouth

The clitoris consists of two lateral crura or legs that are attached to the pubic symphysis, a body often called the corpus, and a glans or head. Each sex organ in one sex has a homologous counterpart in the other one.

Labia of human female genitals The labia majora are the outer thick folds of skin of the vulva that run from the mons pubis to the anus. Explore and learn about human female genitalia. Female genitals are the external portion of the female reproductive organ, which can be seen by the naked eye.

In medieval times the word nymph was applied to either a witch or a fairy, since both descended from the pre-Christian priestess.

The man was a heap ofbones being gnawed by snakes at her feet. The labia minora literally, small lips can be very small or up to 2 inches wide. Vulvas vary greatly among women, ranging from compact to large.

Female Genital Sores

Learn through the images provided as for proper location of the various parts, which compose the human female genitals and the vagina also. Demeter was worshipped as "the Goddess" by Greek peasants all the way through the Middle Ages, even up to the 19th century at Eleusis where she was entitled "Mistress of Earth and Sea.

Though now regarded as a bisexual emblem, the Yang and Yin symbol was once wholly feminine. The Vagina of human female genitals The vagina is a canal in the human female which leads from the uterus to the external orifice of the genital canal the vulva. The real reason for this "terrifying shock" is mouth-symbolism, now recognized universally in myth and fantasy: Girls who learned to develop orgasmic capacity by masturbation, just as boys learned it, were regarded as medical problems.

European society certainly knew all about the penis, and never ceased to worship it, even in Christian times. Nymph Greek nymphe, Latin nympha, a bride or a nubile young woman. Are not the torches extinguished, and does not the large, the numberless assembly of common people believe that their salvation lies in that which is being done by the two in the darkness?

To say that it was as if my soul were being continuously torn from my body is as nothing. You are looking at a rear view of the human vulva. Female pelvis and placement of female genitals You are looking at the female pelvic region, which you will find the genitalia in frontal view and the buttocks on rear view which are rounded portions of the anatomy located on the posterior of the pelvic region.

The external genital organs include the mons pubis, labia majora, labia minora, Bartholin glands, and clitoris. The same word was applied to female-genital symbols like the lotus flower, water lilies, and certain shells. A beautiful seductive woman accepted the love of a young warrior and united with him inside a cloud.

Both were equated with the womb-symbol of the whale that swallowed Jonah; according to this "prophecy" the Hell-mouth swallowed Christ as Hina swallowed her son Maui and kept him for three days.

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These two legs extend up to 9cm, pointing toward the thighs when at rest, and stretching back toward the spine when erect. A sultan of Damascus was said to have lost his sight in his manner. The clitoris, like the penis, is very sensitive to sexual stimulation and can become erect.

When Psyche saw her husband in the light, their marriage was dissolved. The glans has one of the largest concentrations of nerve endings in the female body. Near each of the crura on either side of the vaginal opening are the clitoral vestibules.

During the Sung period it referred to the cyclic phases of the moon. Many savages still have the same imagery. Water was a common prophylactic charm against the destructive power of holy things. Phallaina was Psyche paired with Eros.

Her cult was already well established at Mycenae in the 13th century B. You can distinguish all the anatomical features from the vulva looking at it if a woman is bent over.

Female genitals

Vulvas have labiae, "lips," and many men have believed that behind the lips lie teeth. Again, when the ark returned from Philistia, God perpetrated an extraordinary slaughter of 50, well-intentioned people for daring to look inside the ark in their joy: She ate the flesh of Pelops, then restored him to life in her cauldron.

These are internally under the labia majora. Her temple at Eleusis, one of the greatest shrines in Greece, became the center of an elaborate mystery-religion. Doorways generally were sacred to women. The glans is connected to the body or shaft of the internal clitoris, which is made up of two corpora cavernosa.Find female genitals Stock Images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations, and vectors in the Shutterstock collection.

Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day. Images Photos; Anti Female Genitalia Mutilation. There is a lot of controversy about female genital appearance, but we cannot deny the differences in appearance of female genitals from one woman to another. Appearance of human female genitals The appearance of female genitalia is.

Both the male (top) and female of P. cuulong bear their genitalia behind their mouths. Human female genitals. Explore and learn about human female genitalia. Female genitals are the external portion of the female reproductive organ, which can be seen by the.

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The mystery of the female genitalia and female mouth
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