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There is no sense of that in a predictable existence driven by routine. It is a story of a banker Andy Dufresne Tim Robbins who was wrongly accused of committing the double murder of his wife and her lover.

Theme of Shawshank, Institutionalization

There is no sense of that in He meets Red and tells him about his dream: Freedom is absent in the way the prisoners are unable to physically escape the place itself. Red has been in Shawshank for over 40 years.

Shawshank Redemption

He sends Hadley to deal with the Sisters; head of security beats Bogs so hard that he makes him a cripple. Unaccustomed to this side of life, Andy soon realizes that this is his new reality from now on. Hope is a dangerous thing. Red does not dream, does not seek to find an existence out of Shawshank because he has become a part of the institution.

Just like the bars in the prison windows, or the concrete in the prison yard have become a fixture of the institution, never going to leave and never seeking anything else, Red has become institutionalized in much the same way.

A prisoner has been groomed to set some patterned behavior and this behavior becomes a habit that one cannot get rid of. Hours can seem like a lifetime to him, and every day seems no different from the next, making it more lonely and burdensome to continue living.

Using the rock hammer Red smuggled for him, Andy has been digging his way out the whole time he was in prison. A more important example would be how he hammered his way through the wall for twenty-five years and crawled through five hundred yards of fecal matter just so he could escape.

Instead, he sends him to a solitary confinement cell for an unusually long term, and while Andy is there, orders Hadley to kill Tommy so that the information about Andy being innocent would not spread further.

Freedom is also absent in the way the prisoners are programmed to live a routinely life, adhering to strict schedules and following orders from harsh wardens.

He was wrongfully convicted of murdering his wife and her lover. A prisoner cannot choose to live the life he wants to because of all these limitations. As every inmate in the prison must have an occupation, Andy is assigned to work in the laundry. He also asks for several other things, including posters with movie stars.

He knows his role "as the guy who can get things, a regular Sears and Roebuck," he knows his limitations, and he has lost the desire to seek freedom.

The Shawshank Redemption

However, Brooks found himself lost in the open world, sad and hopeless. Soon after this, Andy, as a specialist skilled in everything regarding law and finance, gives Hadley advice on how to avoid paying taxes when getting an inheritance; Hadley reports this to Norton, who quickly realizes that Andy would be extremely useful regarding his illegal financial affairs.

Norton commits suicide, and Hadley is arrested. Thus, he ended up serving two life sentences at Shawshank State Penitentiary. He realized that he did not belong there and that he belongs in the jail. After this, the Sisters leave Andy alone, and Norton makes him run the prison library instead of working in the laundry; in return, Andy creates a fictitious person named Randall Stephens, and launders huge amounts of money for Norton using this disguise.

An example of which was how he continually wrote letters to the state government for two years to request funds and worked hard to transform a useless space in the Shawshank Prison into the best prison library in New England.

Hope can drive a man insane. An example of this in the movie is when Brooks Hatlen was freed on parole after fifty years in prison.Shawshank Redemption because it perfectly illustrates what institutionalization does to a person after years of being stuck in the same place.

This clip relates to the theme institutionalization/prison life because it shows how Brooks reacted after. Get an answer for 'In "Shawshank Redemption", Red talks about being an "institutional" man.

What does he mean by this and how does it effect his life?he gives several instances of how it affects. Shawshank Redemption Practice Essay Analyse how BOTH internal and external conflict were important to the text as a whole.

Note: “internal conflict” means conflict within a character, and “external conflict” means conflict between a character and other individual(s) or group(s).

Essay about If You Don’t Love Shawshank, Then You’re Beyond Redemption The film adaptation of The Shawshank Redemption, directed by Frank Darabont, and based on the novella The Shawshank Redemption written by Stephen King was a.

The film Shawshank Redemption also explained how prison is used for punishment purposes and proved that prison can function as if it were a piece of machinery. The media has always depicted prison to be a negative place and the movie The Shawshank Redemption is a prime example.

In the movie the Shawshank Redemption Andy, Brooke, Red, the warden, and some of the guards with institutionalization when they are finally release from prison. Also how the character act differently when in prison and not in prison They tend to want to ether commit another crime or end up suicide themselves.

Shawshank redemption institutionalized essay help
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