Reality shows should it be

Should kids’ reality shows be banned?

Public executions used to be popular and still are in some countries. Some are comedy based; some provides family drama, some entertainment and so on.

If it is being watched by a large audience then certainly it is fulfilling its objective. Reality TV is vulgar and shoddy. For now, children that participate in reality shows need to be provided counselling by psychologists to take the pressure off from the them.

Some of the present singers, choreographers are made into the movies through reality shows for children. Elitism is out of date.

Reality Shows should be banned

It exploits the vulnerable, and has been condemned by the Mental Health Foundation for doing so. Every case has some positive points and some negative, but here the positive points of Reality shows over weighs the negative arguments.

Reality TV is harmless fun. However, this is not the case. Children cannot handle this stress, and this may cause mental health issues. Conclusion It is not fair to ban the reality shows. They can know that the celebrities are not god but the common person like them.

Reality shows closes this loophole in the education system. The directors and producers opt for selective editing to create controversial stories. They have a large audience, and if they have that clearly indicate the liking of people towards the programme.

Reality shows teaches children to be competitive and do not teach about the importance of co-operation. The present row over racism on Big Brother shows how nasty it can be.

Reality shows are considered as the TV shows where no script is followed, there are no defined roles, and people just need to act as per the situations. This is why many intelligent people find themselves gripped by Big Brother and other reality shows.

Con Reality television is a genre of television programming which presents purportedly unscripted dramatic or humorous situations, documents actual events, and features ordinary people instead of professional actors.

Pros and cons of reality TV shows

However, reality television is far from the reality that its producers would have us believe. Express your thoughts in the comment section below. Indirectly it helps the media industry to grow.

Only pompous people and snobs condemn it. Big Boss Season 7 has ended but the discussions related to reality shows are still on. Facing defeat infront of everyone is not that easy for children.Reality TV is vulgar and shoddy. By creating pseudo-celebrities it contributes to the debasement of popular taste.

It is often cruel, exposing the participants to gross humiliation for our amusement. This makes it the modern equivalent of going to laugh at the lunatics in Bedlam.

Should reality shows be banned?

The present row over racism on Big Brother shows how nasty it. There are many reality shows for kids these days in different themes like singing, dancing, acting, playing games etc. Kids’ reality shows are facing opposition from several people. They demand that reality shows for children should be banned.

reality shows are necessary to insure that the brain dead of society have something to occupy their non-existant minds.

Pro gets my vote for actually posting an argument. The reality show that launched a thousand spin-offs, it was "The Surreal Life" that created a series of budding celebrity romances and plenty of lascivious intrigue back when the program ran in.

Reality TV has joined the positions of day time stimulation and has lost the flash of spontaneous inventiveness from different types of scripted diversion. Furthermore, the most popular reality shows worldwide are big brother as well as Idols; these two are cases of scripted and overall practiced reality shows.

Reality Shows should be Banned. The main essence of reality shows is to put ordinary people in a social confined setting with extraordinary environment and activities with the aim of entertaining audiences with the illusion that what is going on is .

Reality shows should it be
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