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That other obscure immigration law requires my husband to stay in the USA for some period of time. One is not greater than the other because equally, both sprung from the bamboo.

As we turn another corner, have you taken stock of the year that was? After all, People Power Revolution fever was still high in the air. This is also why Filipinos raise strong women, our origin story of Malakas and Maganda shows that we value both genders.

While we are far from perfect, we are a culture that has much to be proud of. Even with death on our doorstep, even with the most terrible natural catastrophe in our homeland, we came out swinging.

Filipinos are a people familiar with storms and unafraid of catastrophe. Filipinos are creative and resourceful. I missed the fact that working opportunities are not open to non-American citizens. Our respect also applies to all.

Filipino words like kapatid, anak, are gender-neutral, and that reveals our respect is regardless of gender. A diplomat told me that they look forward to our parties. This is my reaction to the reality I see.

After all, life is not just about what you own, but about what you stand for. I see it in the handicrafts, the fashion accessories, and the furniture which is truly a Filipno design.

I was confident that if the kids chose to go to the USA after college, it would be a piece of cake since I had a lifetime US visa it was lifetime then and if need be, acquire American citizenship from her dad using that obscure immigration law of Filipinos born to American citizens in Working and having the right amount of fun will pull us through any challenges.

We may not have the highest standard of living yet.

Proud to be a Filipino

The Philippines may not be the richest country in the world. The function room was bursting with foreign diplomats. We have faith, through both highs and lows, that we shall prevail and there are many things to be thankful for. When the worst storm to hit landfall wiped out Tacloban and its neighboring areas, the entire world turned its attention to the Philippines.

We know that success comes at the expense of hard work and we are fine with persevering until we reach our rainbow. Still, the Filipino people is very rich to have these qualities that spell happiness. Our peso dropped drastically that imports got very expensive. So yes, regrets but I cannot undo that now.

I believe it was the most challenging economic crisis ever. I never appreciated this wonderful trait until that Independence Day party celebration in Laos where various embassies were invited.We will write a custom essay sample on I Am a Filipino, a Proud One specifically for you for only $ $/page.

Order now I just can’t think why we, Filipinos are not proud of our nationality, our country. Easy. Simply choose our own products instead of the imported ones.

This will also help our country arise in terms of economy. 5 reasons we’re proud to be Pinoy. As winds down and we transition to a new year, let’s remember the good things about being Pinoy and how we can still change for the better. Proud to be a Filipino. Noemi Lardizabal-Dado Friday, June 01, Saturday, Other “Feels Great to be Pinoy” Blog Entries.

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5 reasons we’re proud to be Pinoy

essay writing contest Theme: “WHY I AM PROUD TO BE A FILIPINO” The competition is to encourage more Filipinos to write positive stories about our people and the country. We will write a custom essay sample on Proud Filipino specifically for you.

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Legal Terms & Conditions. We Asked Filipinos What Makes Them Proud To Be Pinoy And Here's What They Said "You'll always have family, even if you are not blood related.".

Proud to be pinoy essay help
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