Private tuition in singapore

SmileTutor gives no warranty or assurance about the content of the Website. Tutors who are school teachers are required to obtain the necessary approval from the Ministry of Education before accepting any assignment from our company.

Private tuition in Singapore has become a necessity for children to survive the tough competition and ever changing syllabus. In addition, we also offer the best tuition assignments to the best home tutors in the region.

Disclaimer ChampionTutor will not act as an arbitrator or mediator for any conflicts or disagreements that arise between the tutor and the client. If clients decide to pay the tutor directly and bypass the agency, clients shall be made liable to SmileTutor for the commission amount if we fail to collect our commission from the tutor, in addition to any administrative fees incurred by the agency in collecting the fees.

The verified profiles of all tutors are uploaded on our web portal, you can confirm about them anytime and learn about their past experience and qualifications. What if the tutor is not suitable after X number of lessons?

The tutors can establish rates by themselves. I agree to the above terms and conditions and privacy policy ChampionTutor provides Qualified Home Tutors. Your access to and usage of the tuition service is conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance with these Terms and Conditions.

Nevertheless, your personal information would not be public. Usually, I will ask my friends if they know any tutors.

Description of website services offered Through our Services, we enable students or their parents to connect with tutors for arrangements including but not limited to, private tuition at home, tuition in public places, group tuition, Skype tutoring lessons, or homework help.

Again, picking the right part-time home tutor is extremely difficult when there are thousands of tuition centres and qualified tutors around. What are the types of tutors available? Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of your tuition assignment.

I could instantly chat with Rayna and ask her the questions I needed to ask before engaging her. However, SmileTutor shall not be legally responsible for any payment disputes between tutors and clients.

Beside, self search; you can also get in touch with us by submitting your queriesall of which will be replied within 24 hours. When you create an account, you are the sole authorized user of your account. When you register, SmileTutor may collect information such as your name, birth date, gender, race, occupation and personal interests.

Clients are allowed to renegotiate the schedule with tutors. We understand the underlying purpose of parents when they hire personal or home tutors. Do note that you are still required to make payment to SmileTutor for all lessons already conducted. Let me experience it Check out what our home tuition Singapore clients have to say!

At ChampionTutor, we understand that finding the best home tutor in Singapore is an exhausting task. Neither SmileTutor nor any of its employees, sub-contractors and agents shall be responsible for any quarrels, clashes, crime, which may happen between the clients and the tutors when they realize the tuition services.

While SmileTutor will try to resolve conflicts between tutors and clients, we hold no legal liability for problems and disputes that arise.

General rules include, but are not limited to: SmileTutor reserves the right to claim its commission based on the original agreed upon tuition rate.

Select your area, select the level and the subjects, and the portal will generate the best suitable tutor results. I am thankful for SmileTutor who exceeded my expectations. You may make a bank transfer via ATM, ibanking or Cheque.

With many options available, it really IS a challenging task to find the right online tuition agency or tuition centre that delivers Free Matching Service You do not have to pay us commission for using our site.

My colleague just replied: We take our cut from the tutor directly. Client can be additionally charged for improper or unfulfilled payment obligation.Listed below is the average home tuition rates in Singapore. Welcome to HomeTuitionHotSpot. We are a tuition agency providing private tuition for preschool, primary, secondary, IP, IB, JC and poly students.

Edupoint Tuition Agency Singapore offers comprehensive and high quality tuition services at competitive prices. As one of the best private tuition agency in Singapore. Looking for private tuition lessons? Find your desired teacher with just a few clicks.

Edupoint Home Tuition

Simply search for a teacher near your area, chat with them and book your first lesson - Risk-free % money back guarantee. If you are a private tutor and would like to give tuition lessons, do join us!

Looking for a reliable home tuition agency in Singapore?

All short-listed home tutors in Singapore that are recommended to our clients are personally interviewed by our private tuition assignment coordinators who are highly experienced in selecting the right tutor with the right home tuition rates and fees for you.

Private tuition a llows your child to catch up and understand maths concepts As m athematics can be a daunting subject, the teachers at our private tuition agency in Singapore als o understand that some students require motivation to i mprove their confidence in the subject.

Verified Credentials. To ensure quality and assure our commitment to you, our pre-qualified tutors are verified and interviewed to meet our code of conduct and requirements.

Private tuition in singapore
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