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If to compare home living to dorm living a few fact are worth of mentioning. Encouraged by them we started a Poor Fund. Nevertheless they have their similarities and differences that can be seen only after a deep analysis of the issue.

Some became my bosom friends. Once there was an essay competition. The quality of the beds sometimes requires repair and the closet very often cannot fit in all the belonging of the roommates. However, I had quite a pleasant experience of the journey by bus which I undertook last Sunday.

We had a big play-ground in front of our school. We then Pleasant experience essay the days very happily.

305 Words Short Essay on a Journey by Bus

And at the same time if a individual without motivation is a subject of home living there is no guarantee that all these personal space and freedom will lead to a better future. The sights of numerous rivers, bridges, countryside, evergreen paddy fields, lush green tea gardens, vast plains, etc.

First of all home living proved the student with the possibility to get healthy food, freshly cooked on a normal kitchen. We were at the far end of the platform and ran with all speed and might to catch the train.

Home life and dorm life represent two different ways of living in different conditions. Within moments my friends managed to get in. So all teachers loved me. I sat by the window and enjoyed the passing scenery.

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Some journeys are sweet and pleasant while some are sour. Either he or I stood first in the examination. I contributed several articles to it. I was feeling a thrill of pleasure in my heart. We respected all teachers.

Short Essay on a Memorable Train Journey

Home and dorm living have a lot of contrasts such as: It took some time for me to recover from the shock. Perhaps they thought that if they mixed freely, we would not show respect to them properly.

The week before Sunday had been a very hot one. I can never forget this memorable journey. This continued till I left school. Whenever this happens, I say a short prayer for the kind and unknown Samaritan, who helped me on that fateful day to get into the train.

So they had no occasion to beat or scold me. Another aspect of the dorm living is that the individual can make a lot of friends and find a lot of people who have the same interests. I just looked back and waved my hands at the good Samaritan, who had helped me-1 got only a glimpse of his face.

The memory of this journey continues to flicker, on and on, in my mind even after several Custom Essay Writing Service.

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Essay about students living at home and campus. Example of a Compare and Contrast essay on Personal about: On-campus dormitories may be a pleasant experience for one person and a terrible test for another one.

Essay about students living at home and campus

For some people dorm living is a necessity. This teaching experience demonstrates an effective way to motivate students and minimize disruptive behavior. My Best Teaching Experience. Search the site GO.

For Educators. Tips & Strategies Becoming a Teacher Read a Great Sample College Essay About Teaching Summer Camp. Interview With Letters to God Patrick. "Pleasant Experience" Essays and Research Papers Pleasant Experience Mount Pleasant Louise Buxton’s Mount Pleasant is a very uniquely written short story, where we experience a normal day from a child perspective.

This long period was associated with pleasant memories of various kinds. Related Articles: Essay on your School life. Navigation. - Publish Your Articles Now Here You Can Publish Your Own Article. Essay on My Experience of School Life.

Article shared by. Introduction. Some journeys are short and some long. Some journeys are sweet and pleasant while some are sour. Some journeys are too memorable to be erased by the sands of time. I had one such experience. Short Essay on a Memorable Train Journey.

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Pleasant experience essay
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