Personal wellness planning essay

By planning in advance, you can alleviate financial pressures. Recipes for meals that will help you reach your goal Exercise regimen that can be as simple as taking the stairs at work Herbs or medicines for your symptoms or for prevention Rewards that you will give yourself for staying on the plan A very important part of this section is the rewards step.

You may have heard of wellness plans from your insurance company or your work place or gym. This is especially important if you have had difficulty staying on a diet or exercise program in the past.

The rewards should be smaller and more frequent in the beginning with a continuous buildup toward a big reward once major goals are reached. For example, a short-term plan would be used to lower cholesterol and then a long-term plan would be created to maintain your cholesterol once you have lowered it.

A short-term wellness plan may even have a goal of dropping 10 pounds before a wedding that is four months away. Spiritual health is unique to each person. Wellness Plan Goals and Objectives The second step for creating a personal a wellness plan is to develop a health goal.

If you have seasonal allergies, then you would develop a plan to help your body fight the allergies. Mindfulness practices are critical to a wellness plan.

A short-term wellness plan would be one that targets a specific medical problem. This is as opposed to only making time for yourself whenever you get around to it. Generally, spiritual wellbeing occurs when we do our best to prioritize our physical and mental wellness.

Creating a Wellness Plan

It is easier to maintain a health program if you build in rewards from the start. Instead, personal wellness usually ends up at the bottom of the priority list because our families, jobs or social lives come first. Benefits of a Personal Wellness Plan A personal wellness plan is especially important for those of us who are guilty of neglecting ourselves.

The Important Benefits of Creating a Personal Wellness Plan May 19, A personal wellness plan is more than just an endless list of appointments you need to make.

Creating and scheduling your personal wellness plan not only stabilizes your current health level but allows you to grow and thrive as well. Setting goals and executing your plan Developing a health goal is critical.

A special vacation might be an ultimate reward. Today, more than ever the average person can really benefit from a personal wellness plan.

The Important Benefits of Creating a Personal Wellness Plan

Ask yourself if being the best version of you is your ultimate goal. But it will take some calculating and a little research and some paper and ink or a computer file and Exel document if you are so inclined.Open Document. Below is a free excerpt of "Personal Wellness Plan" from Anti Essays, your source for free research papers, essays, and term paper examples/5(1).

Creating a Wellness Plan To help you build a comprehensive Worksite Wellness program, check out our sample wellness program planning template.

Feel free to use this template as your framework, or use it as a jumping off point to design your own plan based on the needs and interests of your company and employees. A personal wellness plan is an intentional method of prioritizing your health and wellbeing. It’s designed to help you achieve certain changes or improvements in your life.

Through a regimented program, you can set a clear focus on prioritizing your health by paying closer attention to your own personal wellness.

The Six Dimensions of Wellness - Wellness is a very important aspect when it comes to an individual’s health. The six dimensions of wellness consist of Social, Occupational, Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, and Emotional.

Personal Wellness Plan Warm-Up (Questions to help you prepare to write your goals) 1. Describe your current level of physical activity. How often do you participate in moderate to high intensity activity in an average week?

personal Wellness Planning Assessment Copy and paste the questions into a word processing program. Answer all questions completely and .

Personal wellness planning essay
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