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I take the point that there were a couple of statements that were a matter of opinion, and that even the fact that these opinions were shared by more than just UD, they did not actually help the point of the story at all.

Meanwhile, a reader pointed out the strange goings on at new kid on the Muscat 4th Estate block - Muscat Daily, stabled by Apex Press and Publishing, sired by successful Omani Businessman Saleh Zakwani, out of ambitious dame Mohana Prabhakar.

This was actually groundbreaking folks, pathetic though that may seem. These have been changed. Mohana was always ambitious, working her way up from a lowly editor of one magazine in to the lofty heights of CEO by They are not so much driven by earning a salary and having a residency visa.

The only way Oman is going to get real reporting is to have Omani journalists, supported by Omani editors with balls and wasta.

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The main reason quoted by industry analysts for this was the low annual subscription fees of the newspaper in a market which traditionally had fewer than 1, residential subscribers for English dailies before the entry of Muscat Daily.

Rumours of deep and dark reasons for the short break are untrue! In addition, the Muscat Daily has a few strangle quirks. But it was even bigger news that the English-language Muscat Daily declared "Black Sunday in Sohar" on its front page and carried a half-page photograph showing smoke filling the sky above a roundabout seized by protesters.

This is usually a sign of bad management. Section 2 has Business, Crosswords, Sudoku puzzles, quiz questions and a Features section. An article in Christian Science Monitor on the protests and media freedom in Oman said: Design and style[ edit ] The newspaper which features a bright tulip orange and black theme was designed by its creative director, Benoite Lopes, in a seven column format.

Thursday, February 25, Problems at Muscat Daily? Some young Omani journalists are much more talented than the expats when it comes to real reporting.

The fact that their English may not be as polished is something that can be handled by having a good sub-editor to fix the grammar and spelling.

This was the main reason that Apex finally decided to invest in its own printing press despite the extra printing capacity available in the country with other printers.

Sections[ edit ] The newspaper is organized in two sections. Mohana Prabhakar, chief executive and managing editor of Apex Press and Publishing, was quoted as saying that using contract printers had become an increasing problem as the company expanded its portfolio of titles.

Apex press release The newspaper launched just a few months ago, and according to my sources seems to have rapidly exceeded its business plan targets for subscriptions, due to the combination of official home delivery a firstlow cost, and a populace frankly desperate for a new English paper that might do more than simply reprint Oman News Agency propaganda and the Reuters wire services.

It also means they will not print anything truly challenging to ANYONE important, as they may get in trouble, and important people tend to be connected to one of the big oligarchy groups of businessmen who dominate non-Governmental advertising in Oman. However, those high expectations have met reality, and the usual drivers of poor newspaper reporting in Oman.

Hagey, Keach 20 September The design has received favorable reviews at design workshops run by WAN-IFRA the biggest association of publishers in the world[ citation needed ]. Other controversies[ edit ] Muscat Daily has been criticized as being a late entry into the newspaper arena in Oman at a time when newspaper subscriptions are falling in the West.

Talking about the reforms instituted by Sultan Qaboosin the wake of the protests it said: Again, does no-one in Muscat Daily bother to use Google??

Muscat Daily is still not a full colour paper as it is printed at the Omani government-owned Oman Observer press.Muscat Daily Oman’s only newspaper with comprehensive coverage of news from the sultanate, Muscat Daily became the largest selling daily in Oman within a year of its launch.

The paper has won accolades for its bold and unbiased coverage of various issues in Oman including the protests ofcrime reports, social issues etc. The front page of Muscat Daily on February 28, Business Today, Oman Today, Usrat Al Youm, Al Isbou'a, Business Directory and Tribute.

Overall, the stated mission of the paper and its management is to report and not sensationalise or editorialise matters. Other controversies.

Muscat Daily brings the Latest News, Top headlines, data and information on Oman & its government, crime, tourism, culture, expats, foreign relations, oil and gas.

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Oman business news on banking, interest rates, the stock market, currencies & funds. Latest Oman financial, muscat market & economic news and analysis. Feb 25,  · Muscat Daily may be a financial success - circulation is good, and they are making The Times of Oman up their game. But as a journalistic endeavor right now I'm calling it a fail.

From promising beginnings, this little filly is back to business as usual, with small non-stories and the usual everything's happy local news stuff in the attempt Author: Undercover Dragon. Muscat Daily. 60, likes · talking about this.

Muscat Daily is the largest-selling English daily in Oman with nearly 33, copies sold every day.5/5(3).

Muscat daily business report
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