Local authority housing strategy and business plan data

The aim of the Plan is to: This is where sound business planning starts to reveal its worth to local authorities, both by helping them to develop and shape the future of housing, and provide an early warning system for risks and opportunities.

The development of the Community Legal Service Partnership has established that there are generally a sufficient number of providers offering specialist and general legal advice and help in the area.

The aims of the Strategy are: The following pages set out our key strategies and policies in alphabetical order and present a short summary of each of their aims and objectives together with a link to further details, or copies of the full document.

The Asset Management Plan sets out how the Council undertakes the strategic management of its property portfolio and how this relates to the business objectives of the Council.

Many councils could find that some of their projections have already changed. Feedback We are interested in understanding more about how our housing statistics and data are used and the decisions they inform. The two aims that support all objectives and actions in the Strategy are reducing crime and providing people with a sense of safety and reassurance.

Join the housing network for comment, analysis and the latest jobs direct to you Topics. We would be grateful if you could spend a couple of minutes completing this survey or contact us at housing. To help gauge this, try searching the point where your business plan starts to creak under pressure.

The Strategy aims to identify how the Council, through working with its partners, can enrich the cultural life of the Borough for the benefit of the whole community. Some local authorities are actively exploring how to refocus their housing business, taking a serious look at how they deliver their local authority housing strategy and business plan data, what stock they hold and how to make best use of their financial capacity.

It also sets out our achievements over the last year, how we are performing against our targets and how our activities are resourced. This strategy identifies local arrangements for fulfilling the Contaminated Land England Regulations The strategy details ways in which these issues are being tackled.

Glenn Smith is managing consultant at Sector This content is brought to you by Guardian Professional. If you are concerned, think about seeking a second opinion and getting your business plan independently validated.

Community Safety Strategy The Crime and Disorder Act gave the Police, the Borough Council and the County Council shared responsibility for developing and introducing strategies to reduce crime and disorder in the area.

Even with the best evidence an element of subjective judgement is inevitable when preparing your business plan, and so your strategic forecasts could be more pessimistic or optimistic than you might like.

It covers action on fraudulent overpayments of benefit to claimants and to landlords, duties and consideration of anti-fraud officers, council employees and elected members, and benefit administration and counter-fraud action.

If cracks show too quickly you may be carrying a high level of risk. Data for previous financial years going back to to is available on the National Archives.

For data collected between to when this data collection process began and toplease contact us directly at housing.

The data is considered essential for central and local governments to have an understanding of its housing situation and how policies affect it. During these updates, why not show the results of alternative delivery models and data from sensitivity tests, so they can understand the underlying risks and spot opportunities for themselves?

Community Legal Services Partnership Strategy The Surrey Heath and Woking Community Legal Service was established in April with the aims of more effective targeting of public funds to meet local need for information, advice and legal services, and to ensure that all the funders and providers of these services work together.

For example, levels of unpaid rent might increase more than expected by October next year because of the impact of welfare reform; planned improvements to the housing stock might have started running behind schedule; there may be new aspirations to build homes, or pressure to set a lower rent increase next year.

The data is needed for many purposes including: It makes sense to build ownership of your business plan by organising regular reviews and updates that involve tenants, councillors and staff. Through consultation the eight priorities that have emerged are: This site contains data from to onwards.

Climate Change Strategy Woking adopted September takes a look at our whole way of living and how it can influence our environment. Live tables This collection shows the district-level data we collect annually from all local authorities under our main collection processes local authority housing statistics LAHS.

Following a review and public consultation in tothe housing strategy statistical appendix HSSAthe business plan statistical appendix BPSA and the local authority housing sales monitoring P1B forms were replaced by this new rationalised form on local authority housing statistics.

Some of the data provided through the form is used for grant or funding purposes. The Action plan sets out what we will do to respond to the priorities. The concern is that these services are provided by a relatively small number of agencies and some additional gaps have been identified in provision.

If investment plans are delayed by a year, or if rents are lower than previously assumed, or maintenance costs rise faster than predicted? Share via Email Are the assumptions you made in your housing revenue account business plan still correct?

A strong business plan uses the best available data and realistic assumptions, based on sound evidence. What happens if the council builds more homes?HOUSING REVENUE ACCOUNT BUSINESS PLAN Corporate values 7 The NK Plan 8 Medium term financial strategy 9 Business plan objectives and priorities 10 Service priorities and delivery plans 10 Our people strategy 11 In April new legislation changed the way in which local authority housing is.

Strategic Plan 2020

Winchester Housing Authority Development Corporation Strategic Plan Outline Page 5 WHADC has also challenged its staff, consultants, and partners to develop new business models that provide/create the. Local Government Area Housing Snapshot; National Rental Affordability Scheme; Housing Authority > About Us > About the Housing Authority > Strategic Plan the Housing Authority needs to keep innovating and improving the way we do business.

Strategic Plan was developed in to lead our activities over the. Introduction This statistical release provides summary information from local authority housing data returns collected in the annual Housing Strategy Statistical Appendix (HSSA) and Business Plan.

The Strategy has five action plans detailing how the Council will achieve its housing objectives, which have been developed in response to local needs, as well as consultation with residents and partner organisations.

The Council's key strategies and policies

The Local Authority Trading Company (LATC) Commercial Services Division will: This Business Plan sets out the plans for and benefits of East Cambridgeshire District Council’s homes across all sectors of the housing market, - Improve local infrastructure by delivering appropriate, well-designed property developments.

Local authority housing strategy and business plan data
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