Interview to a senior citizen

A was very much like other children. School Environment and Educational Experience The interviewee is an educated person who has successfully achieved high school and grad school education.

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As evidenced in my interview with the participant, it is possible for a person in his or her late adulthood to enjoy the same interests as in middle adulthood.

A did not bear any hardships during his childhood. When did you get your first job outside of the family?

Interview With A Senior Citizen

The participant still lives at home; the same home her husband built for her over sixty years ago. She relays that her job helps her to remain active. What do you always wanted to be in your life? Another view that generally has been accepted is that older adults become physically, psychologically, and socially withdrawn.

She is on her feet for eight or more hours a day approximately five days a week. Now, as an adult when I have my own family my roles have quietly changed.

A, along with his family, has celebrated all occasions, holidays, and festivals. She had to examine and evaluate her own life.

I went to two schools in Phoenix. After listening to the participant relay events from her past and present, I believe her to have successfully aged.

Interview a Senior Citizen

Gerontologists now have research to the contrary McGraw Hill, Significant physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional developmental processes occur during this stage McGraw Hill, According to Berger, emotional support from children is often more crucial than financial support He believes that parents should equip their children with some vocations a part from academic education.

My duties as a child were to perform some home chores with my mother and also to do bring stuff for home from the market.

The developing person through the life span 8th ed. I did not learn any basic house chore because my sister used to assist my mother in these things. During the interview, Mr. He was born in South Carolina along with three siblings.

The participant stated in the interview that she enjoyed walking in her early adulthood as well as now.

The participant also primarily drives herself around.Interview a Senior Citizen Nisee Rockwell PSY/ November 2, Moriel McDuffy Interview a Senior Citizen Senior citizens are fascinating individuals, most of them have lived through some of the huge events in history and have much knowledge that they have gained over the years.

Mar 15,  · I have an interview project where we have to interview someone over the age of We are supposed to have at least 40 interview questions, and so far I have twenty- three, but I'm running out of ideas.

Interview A Senior Citizen

Help please? Resolved. Research has proven that senior citizens who have friends in his or her life live longer and have a healthier lifestyle (Grief, ). Also, according to other literature men seem to have trouble establishing friendships more than a woman does (Grief, ).

Interview questions. A free inside look at Senior Center Manager interview questions and process details for 13 companies - all posted anonymously by interview candidates. Interview A Senior Citizen PSY/ Vineeta Cooper September 30, Interview a Senior Citizen I interviewed a senior citizen named Debbie.

Debbie is 57 years old and was born in Lynchburg, Virginia. Identify a senior citizen and schedule an hour to talk with him or her face to face. Be sure to tell the person that you are completing the interview as part of a class assignment and that the content of the interview is completely confidential (no names will be used).

Conduct an informal interview, [ ].

Interview to a senior citizen
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