How to write a tall tale powerpoints

We met as a class and talked about what a play is. First we will take reveiw a PowerPoint which will define and identfy the theme in a novel or short story. We are thinking we will follow up with a Gingerbread Man unit in December. Extract appropriate and significant information from the text, including problems and solutions.

Using specific details from the story, students will write three paragraphs about Paul Bunyan what he looks like, how he acts, and what he likes to do. We completed this first as a whole group activity.

What makes Paul Bunyan so "tall"? What is a tall tale?

Thematic Units - Tall Tales - Fables - Myths

Follow this step-by-step process! You might also be interested in our Cinderella activities. Students will create a full-body clay sculpture of Paul Bunyan.

In other words, why is the story of Paul Bunyan a tall tale? Learning Objectives Using a list of sites, students will conduct web research to complete a worksheet about Paul Bunyan.

Each student should select a most favorite or a least favorite classic fairy tale to serve as the point of departure for an original story. How big is he? We created this Act it Out form for students to complete about their character.

What lesson about life does this story teach? On your own, you will complete the Tall Tale Checklistwhich lists all of the basic elements of a tall tale. Students then completed their own with a fairy tale they chose. Tall Man, Tall Tale Duration: Complete the Writing Checklist a second time.

Again, we wanted the time to focus on fluency so we did not think this was a good use of our time in order to help us meet our goals.

Writing Fairy Tales

Students will write an original tall tale. The Prince uses the slipper to identify Cinderella as the girl with whom he danced the night away.


Or he settles for an arranged marriage!Writing Tall Tales. Bigger, Stronger, Faster. A Tall Tale has. A larger-than-life, or superhuman, main character with a specific job. A problem that is solved in a funny or outrageous way. Exaggerated details that describe things as greater than they really are.

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Fractured Fairy Tales

Tall Tale Writing Paper, head and feet: Write a story about Paul Bunyan on the writing paper provided and then tape his head to the top of the page and his feet to the bottom of the page. Writing Paper. PowerPoint Slideshow about 'LECTURE 1 tHE HANDMAID’S TALE' - rehan prepare and write in-class essay.

Tall Tale -Big question: how can nature challenge us?. Thematic Units - Tall Tales - Fables - Myths. Tall Tales Paul Bunyan Trail Tall Tale "Animated tale of Paul Bunyan and Babe, his blue ox." Stories, Folklore.

Students learn about the genres of myths, folktales, and fairy tales through Use Web tools to write and Guide students through a fairy-tale. FOLK TALES AND FABLES Introduction to the genre: Folk Tales The following activities are suggestions of how to introduce folk tales to students: Write the words “Folk Tale” on an overhead and.

How to write a tall tale powerpoints
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