Five project management process groups

But it is not enough to execute only. What is Project Management Process? Any initial project boundaries are determined and stakeholders identified. Although much of the planning activity takes place during the planning phase, it is important to remember that the project plan will continue to be adjusted to respond to new challenges and opportunities.

The PMBOK as described in the Guide recognizes 49 processes that fall into five basic process groups and ten knowledge areas that are typical Five project management process groups most projects, most of the time.

During project execution, deliverables of the project are produced and delivered to the customer. It helps keep us on track. One must make sure the project stays on track. Without going into detail on every single document created, a short list would include: The last process group which is towards the end of the project or phase is the closing process group.

What are the 5 Process Groups?

Project management processes are grouped into 5 different categories called as Process Groups. The Level of Process Interaction in a Project This figure shows the level of process interaction over the time in a project, or in a phase of a large project.

Directly relates to execution process group. Therefore, the activities which will be done and the steps which will be completed are all defined in an organized and structured manner. For instance, can you purchase a tool that will be used in a project before the initiation of the project?

But there are several other things that must happen during executing. It also describes the project management life cycle and its related processes, as well as the project life cycle.

Each of these processes also falls into one of the five process groups, creating a matrix structure such that every process can be related to one knowledge area and one process group.

This includes changes to deadlines, costs, deliverables, and any other change to the project as envisioned. The project manager will be assigned to manage and coordinate project activities.

5 Project Management Process Groups

Call or go online to sign up for the next PMP boot camp in your area. The initial scope of the project is laid out and defined.

I am not formally trained in project management so many of the concepts are foreign to me. Executing Oftentimes people are anxious to begin the work of a project and this will lead them to skip over some of the planning phase to get to the execution phase, but this is unwise.

If you are seeking to learn more about the five process groups you will find a few very useful graphics later into the book. Chapter 5 - Monitoring and Controlling Processes This is where the performance of the project is measured and action is taken based on an analysis of this data.

Closing Process Group Activities: What does it encompass? And it is likely here where we will begin to see stakeholder change requests. This is where the project is formally authorized by the sponsor, initial scope defined, and stakeholders identified. Fifth and the last step of project management process is Closing At this stage, project activities are finalized, the paperwork for completing the project is finished.

As you see, entering phase is the start of the project. This plan includes cost management, scheduling, quality management, resource management etc. While this should be self-evident, too often projects just fizzle out. With a detailed schedule in place, the team members will also be executing their tasks in the order necessitated by any dependencies between tasks.

Here are the basic principles of the 5 Project Management Process Groups. Those processes required to track, review, and regulate the progress and performance of the project; identify any areas in which changes to the plan are required; and initiate the corresponding changes.Project Management Process Groups 1.

Managing Process Groups *Some content in these slides may be copyrighted by Course Technology. The Project Management Body of Knowledge is a set of standard terminology and guidelines Each of these processes also falls into one of the five process groups, creating a matrix structure such that every process can be related to one knowledge area and one process group.

The Project Management Body of Knowledge describes five process groups that are achieved throughout the stages of the project life cycle. How to Become a Successful Project Manager Becoming a successful project manager requires a.

This free eBook will help you to identify the appropriate project management process to apply at any point in your own project. You will learn what each of the process groups consists of and the processes you need to perform within each group during your project.

In the project management process, there are process groups named “project management process groups”. We can state five project management process groups. These project management process groups and their activities are. The Five PMBOK Process Groups December 12, by Bernie Roseke,, PMP Leave a Comment The foundation for project management theory .

Five project management process groups
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