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Reception[ edit ] Real Heroes: The player fights fires in an industrial park, a shopping mall, a neighborhood, a Firefighter the real hero, a museum, a robotics research facility, a bridge, and an amusement park. Thank you for your support. Multiple difficulty levels really turns up the heat.

Firefighter received generally mixed to positive reviews for the Wii version and negative reviews for the 3DS. While the original game sold quite well due to the traditional publisher model we saw none of the profits.

The player, controlling a firefighter who the fellow firefighters refer to as Probie, uses a hose and fire extinguisher to fight flames, a halligan to pry open locked doors and vent coverings, and a fire axe to destroy obstacles.

Firefighter is a fun non violent shooter with some clever and even exciting gameplay. Story[ edit ] Enter the soot-stained boots of an everyday hero as a newly graduated Fire Academy cadet getting their start in a big city firehouse.

Put on the soot-stained boots of an everyday hero as a newly graduated Fire Academy cadet getting your start in a big city fire station.

We are currently trying to generate development dollars for a cross platform action packed sequel made in Unreal. Can you imagine meeting your friends online at the Firehouse just as the alarm goes off and you all go on an online co-op battle through a city high rise engulfed in flames?

This game is now available on Steam!

Metacritic gave the Wii version 67 and the 3DS version All in all Real Heroes: The player has objectives to complete such as rescuing civilians or other firefighters, extinguishing all fires in an area, disabling something that causes the fire to spread, and more.

Gameplay[ edit ] Firefighter is a first-person shooter. We can and we are excited. The player will work with at least one other firefighter with an extinguisher in some areas though in others, he is alone.

Experience raging infernos and explosive environments alongside the rest of your Engine Company 13 squad through a story-driven adventure in this unique first-person action game!

Can you imagine battling through awesome non scripted AI controlled giant infernos with fully collapsible environments?

Controls - Keyboard or dual stick controller https: The player will fail the mission and be forced to restart the mission from beginning or checkpoint if he stands too close to the fires for too long, getting electrocuted by being to close or using the hose on exposed electricity, and failing a mission objective.

We are an independent development team based in Detroit. The game is a visually updated version of our IGN. Experience raging infernos and explosive environments in this unique first person action game.Want to be just like a real firefighter, putting out fires and saving people?

In this first-person fire & rescue action game, players take on the heroic role of a real firefighter. Product Details: Enter the soot-stained boots of an everday hero as a newly graduated Fire Academy cadet getting their start in a big city firehouse/5(5).

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Clothing (Brand) See more of Firefighter - Real Heroes on Facebook. Real Heroes: Firefighter Review. Don your big yellow hat and venture into burning buildings in this engaging firefighting simulation.

Real Heroes: Firefighter is a first-person shooter video game for the Nintendo Wii, developed by Epicenter Studios and published by Conspiracy Entertainment. A Nintendo 3DS version (Real Heroes: Firefighter 3D) was released on September 12, by Zordix and a PC version (on Steam) was released on March 14, by Flying Tiger .

Firefighter the real hero
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