Executive summary of dreamliner project

In the book Understanding Business Strategy: The author notes that while costs may be projected, it is possible to consider ways to reduce costs during the design phase Duncan, Fuel costs constitute the single greatest concern for these airlines at present, though fuel costs alone do not account for the costs of less than astute management over the past decade or so.

Chung-Suk and Gibson recommend the use of a project definition rating index to assess the appropriateness of the scope of any large project.

These and other problems within the airline industry have led to difficulties at Boeing as well, in that airline customers have not purchased as many new aircraft in recent years as in the past.

How to Understand Boeing’s Collaboration Problems

Examples such as the improper manufacturing of a panel of an airplane leading to an emergency landing and near fatal injuries on October Executive summary of dreamliner project, and the fatal death of a Boeing worker in Kent, Washington due to a piece of heavy machinery on November 17, best demonstrate this complex issue [xxi] [xxii].

The five milestones for this project are: An inability to manage the scale of the collaboration. The project will involve incremental monitoring of the Dreamliner, so that approaching problems with the innovative aircraft will be apparent before the project progresses too far.

Executive Summary Report

Boeing seeks to rectify this situation with the Dreamliner. Also, 3rd quarter sales reports by U.

Executive Summary of Dreamliner Project

A number of steps are reported as part of this process Day, As Boeing project manager of the Dreamliner, it will be important to correctly identify the scope of the project and adhere to the defined view. Noise may not be an issue in every market; however all airlines battle noise restrictions and abatement procedures.

The size of the project and the use of new technology are known. Inalong with a naval officer, he built his first airplane thus initiating his business, Pacific Aero Products, which he renamed Boeing Airplane Company the following year.

Boeing Commercial Airplanes is committed to being the leader in commercial aviation industry by offering goods, airplanes and services that deliver superior design, efficiency and value to customers around the world. However, if there is a problem or if some step had not been completed, that step will be started again.

A timeline for the Boeing Dreamliner project consists of the following: An unintended consequence of this decision was that many of the subcontractors found the scale and scope of work to be overwhelming.

Problem Statement The void that the Dreamliner intends to fill holds at least two facets, one within Boeing and the other within the commercial air passenger industry.

Weak economic activity and slack trade curbed air cargo traffic growth

The Intellectual Property Management organization allows various arms of Boeing to leverage best practices within the firm as well as protect key technologies that will yield Boeing the greatest competitive advantage. The Dreamliner will have other features that make the aircraft attractive to customers as well, not the least of which is that it will be much quieter than most older aircraft.

An example of a valuable best practice within the firm is the lean production systems that ensure a punctual delivery and production of the highest quality jets. Boeing has had difficulty in this area already, though its experience was several years ago.

Forecast Forecasting is much like looking through a crystal ball, but it should not be like that, in particular, with the Dreamliner project. Of course, in the process of outsourcing the work, Boeing must cooperate with these three companies.

Patents allow Boeing to protect its innovations and create a sustainable competitive advantage over competitors. Navy and established the first international airmail service with a route between Seattle and British Columbia.Executive Summary 3 Industry Overview 4 Company History 6 Executives & Directors 8 A substantial amount of orders for the new Dreamliner aircraft has contributed to the year the project started.

In the short-run, the outcome was disastrous. Executive Summary of Dreamliner Project This is only for a no-grade continuation education course Please create a 25 slide Microsoftà ® PowerPointà ® presentation and keep this at the executive-summary level of detail.

This is a compilation of the following I have already compiled from research. An executive summary is a brief report highlighting important items of a project. Managers who read the executive summary should get the essence of the project status without the need to get into the fine details.

Include how this particular project impacts the organization as a whole if not already. Executive Summary This research has been done to analyze and evaluate the operational issues of manufacturing Boeing Dreamliner’s and the problem they have faced, making comparison with airbus A project and how the Airbus is giving Boeing a tough competition.

Oct 14,  · Boeing’s newly released Dreamliner epitomizes the company’s consistent efforts to innovate and create while utilizing technology. The Dreamliner program started in and the project’s elongated efforts have finally paid off with its first delivery on September 26, Executive Summary Boeing created a massive boondoggle with the outsourcing of its Dreamliner which has long-term implications for Boeing and the international aerospace business.

The Dreamliner outsourcing project was a massive failure in supply chain outsourcing and there are indicators that the supply chain software was partially to blame.

Executive summary of dreamliner project
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