Diet analysis report essay

I took notes form what I did wrong and adjusted my eating plan for week 3. I was pleased to learn that I met my nutritional requirements for energy, fluid, fibre and the majority of vitamins and minerals.

I should also consume higher magnesium foods such as green vegetables and nuts. Energy — My intake was calories and my expenditure was calories leaving a negative energy balance of calories. So in the end, I stayed with FitDay. Minerals and Vitamins are also a very important thing in your diet.

Vitamins gives you the ability to build muscles, break down fats, help your body acclimate to hot and humid temperatures, and aid as protection and products of white blood cells in your body. I realized I took in less food containing carbohydrates and fats.

I have got myself under control, got used to the regime I established. Protein is important because it gives you energy and helps your muscles grow.

My Diet Analysis and Health Progress Essay Posted at May 24, 0 Comment We all know that eating right can help you maintain a healthy weight and avoid certain health problems, but your diet can also have a profound effect on your mood and sense of wellbeing.

SuperTracker, on the other hand, was not that flexible.

Diet Analysis Paper Essay Sample

I was only able to maintain my weight. They are important to a healthy diet because they are involved in protecting the body from oxidative damage and gene expression. As a person who cares about food I eat, I see food positively! Another way to improve my diet I have to have more calcium, and potassium.

I eat a lot of foods from in whole food form, but SuperTracker had a food database focused on more commercial food products. Fiber helps you digest food better and keep low blood cholesterol.

Vitamins and Minerals — My diet is lacking in those two. Last way to improve my diet is increasing the intake of vitamins. I thought that it is limiting in the foods in its database, which for me was really tricky to overcome.

I was able to input the foods I ate daily and also the physical activities I was involved in. Minerals play a large role in your diet also. Also eating more grains, fruits and vegetables which have high fiber.

I have to improve my diet by consuming more calcium and potassium. Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, cooking meals at home, and reducing your intake of sugar and refined carbohydrates, on the other hand, may help to improve mood.The 3-day diet analysis was very interesting to me, and has given me some very useful and challenging information pertaining to my health.

I know I do not have the healthiest eating habits, and after using the SuperTracker I plan to do my best at changing my diet. 3 Day Diet Analysis Essays; 3 Day Diet Analysis Essays.

Words Sep 17th, 3-Day Diet Analysis Essay Diet Analysis Based on a 24 Hour Recall of my diet, results using NutriCalc Plus report that my food intake lacked a healthy balance of all food groups.

My Grain intake reached only 60% of the My Plate daily recommendations. Diet Analysis Paper Essay Sample. They’re many different nutrients, minerals, and vitamins you have to take in to maintain a healthy diet. The nutrients in my diet I have to improve on are, eating higher protein, and fiber foods.

Such diet analysis is a way to track the entire food one eats for a period of time and analyzes the foods eaten to determine the overall nutritional value of one’s dietary intake. It also helps to determine one’s diet “weak spots”, potential food allergies or diseasemanagement issues.

My Diet Analysis and Health Progress Essay

Writing sample of essay on diet analysis Dietary adequacy and its healthfulness Energy - I consume calories, and the amount used is calories. This leaves a deficit of which leads to an imbalance in energy. Personal Dietary Intake Paper Introduction.

The purpose of this paper is to analyze my personal dietary intake as a way of better understanding the ways in which the foods I consumer are helping or hurting my overall nutrition and health.

Diet analysis report essay
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