Dangerous corner

Lights are turned on to reveal a drawing-room containing four women who have been listening to a radio play after dinner.

Dangerous Corner Summary

The effect of that concept on the lives of the characters is a key factor. He always held very strong views and "spoke his mind" as a true Yorkshireman is prone to.

The answer is that material was added.

These guests, the entire cast of the play, are all associated with the firm. I have to admit to mixed feelings. Betty, his wife, is a tiresome character, whom it is almost impossible to find diverting.

Knowing that hers is one of the secrets to which Charles is referring, Freda now confesses that the reason her marriage to Robert has been unhappy is that she was having an affair with Martin and had long been in love with him.

Perhaps it is to be a comedy of manners? Increasingly angry over having been forced into his confession, Charles admits to having had a personal contempt for Martin and suggests that there are still more secrets being kept that are the reason.

It always strikes me as strange that this bluff, pipesmoking Northerner, epitomising a typical Yorkshireman, should write dramas about upper class folk, and set them in drawing rooms. In fact the BBC broadcasts were eventually cancelled, because they were thought to be too left-wing.

The title is metaphorical, although there is a crime - and a magnificent twist at the end. Priestley was a founding member of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. Despite its dated feel, I enjoyed this as a quirky suspense play, by an author whose work I admire, but who seems sadly out of fashion.

In fact we know very early on that there is more than one elephant in the room. The three Acts are all set in the drawing room of the Caplan country retreat, in ; therefore being contemporaneous with when the play was written.

The film began further back in time, with scenes set in the year prior to the dinner party. I first read this just over a couple of decades after its first performance. At this point, Betty arrives at the house, indignant at being left out, to discover the men on the brink of fighting.What makes Dangerous Corner durable is Priestley's ingenuity.

Dangerous Corner

A group of high-fliers, here all part of a transatlantic publishing firm, are enjoying a weekend in the country home of Robert and Freda Caplan. DANGEROUS CORNER, Dangerous Corner is Priestley’s first solo play and the first of his plays in which he exploits the theory that there are other forms of time, or Time, than the purely linear one.

The play is set in the drawing room of Freda and Robert Caplan’s country house. Oct 05,  · Dangerous Corner Approved | 1h 6min | Mystery | 5 October (USA) An unexpected suicide prompts much speculation about honesty and theft.6/10(). The plot of J.B. Priestley's "Dangerous Corner" -- mysteries unfold and gentility dissolves -- could almost be a rough draft for the playwright's better-known "An.

Dangerous Corner was the first play by the English writer J. B. Priestley. It was premiered in May by Tyrone Guthrie at the Lyric Theatre, London, and filmed in by Phil Rosen.

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Dangerous corner
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