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Compelling account of what 50 years of space missions have told us about all the bodies in the solar system. Thomas Disch and Ursula K. Bourland and Gregory Vogt Anthology of thought-provoking essays on the reasons for sending humans to the Red Planet and what challenges will impact the effort.

How to Make a Spaceship: This happened in the Best Related Work category in and Humphrey and Pamela D.

Da Atlântida ao Eldorado

The life story of Peter Diamandis, and the story of his crowning achievement so far, the X-Prize. Young with James R. A readable survey of astrobiology and how it may lead to deeper knowledge of our place in the universe.

The New Space Race: A personal story of 35 years of space advocacy by a principle activist in the St. Vivid descriptions, stunning photo assemblies, and inspiring original artwork provide a grand tour of solar system weather.

A fun yet academic study of juvenile aviation adventure book series fromentwined with the scientific advances of the era covered. Amazingly detailed behind-the-scenes account of both Soviet and American unmanned space programs targeting the Moon, Mars, and Venus.

The fascinating inside story of seven American astronauts and their missions to the dangerously decaying Mir space station. The life of a Skylab astronaut. How the Mars rover went from an idea to actually landing on Mars and making extraordinary discoveries.

About the last of the Mercury Seven astronauts to have a book-length biography. Missions to the Moonby Rod Pyle This book provides a new watershed for space solar power.

Makes a strong case that there are important reasons for humans to return to the Moon, as well as why past efforts have failed. Biography and selected writings of one of the great thinkers of the space age. On the technological development of lunar resources leading to a global lunar infrastructure and civilization.

Asteroid Huntersby Carrie Nugent Biographical story geared toward younger readers ages 12 and up. A coffee-table size, visually beautiful book that also tells the story of the people involved in operating the mission.

The works on the ballot are the six most-nominated by members that year, with no limit on the number of works that can be nominated. The universe is the ultimate art gallery, and this beautiful coffee-table book is a splendid guide to the visual treasures of space.

At Home in Space: Breaking the Chains of Gravity: First Manby James R. Drifting on Alien Windsby Michael Carroll A unique first person account of the behind-the-scenes drama that unfolded on Apollo and Skylab missions.

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A companion book to a special exhibition at the Science Museum in London which tells the story of human space travel from the Soviet point of view. Cathy and Arnie Fenner have been nominated eight times for their work on the Spectrum: The first-ever authorized biography of Neil Armstrong, masterfully written by James Hansen, a professor of history at Auburn University.

Louis and Phoenix NSS chapters.

From Jars to Stars: An overview of key topics related to space business and management, with case studies. Inside the Curiosity Missionby Marc Kaufman It’s interesting that our first s space mellers used similar maroonings and doomed lovers to goose up their conclusions; I’d think that the probably-forgotten Woman in the Moon was a big influence on science fiction producers like George Pal.

Willy Ley 6 followers Willy Ley (December 2, - June 24, ) was a German-American science writer and space advocate who helped popularize rocketry and spaceflight in both Germany and the United States/5(2). This is the first biography of Willy Ley, the popular science writer who did more than anyone else to explain the science and technology of the dawning Space Age to the American public, and who died of a heart attack less than a month before Neil Armstrong put the first bootprint on the Moon.

LEY FROM OUR ONLINE LIBRARY The Conquest of Space.1—Written by Willy Ley with illus- trations from paintings by Chesley Bonestell, this book offers an intriguing survey of the possibilities of one of the German space pioneers, science writer Willy Ley, to pursue every available.

Before Star Trek, Tom Corbett -- Space Cadet was the most scientifically accurate series on television in part due to official science advisor Willy Ley, and later due to Frankie Thomas.

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Thomas read up on science and everyone on the set turned to him for advice on matters scientific/5(4). Hugo Award for Best Related Work; Awarded for: The best work related to the field of science fiction, fantasy, or fandom, published in the prior calendar year and which is either non-fiction or noteworthy primarily for aspects other than the fictional text.

Dan jones science writer willy ley
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