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Which drug is given to counteract the effects of enoxaparin? The nurse should monitor the client for adverse reactions, which Cells practice exam Which assessment finding is expected in the normal newborn? Epiphyseal fractures are serious because: The nurse should position the newborn: Will cause dark staining of the surrounding skin Produces a cooling Cells practice exam when applied Can alter the function of the thyroid Produces a burning sensation when applied The physician has ordered Dilantin phenytoin for a client with generalized seizures.

The nurse recognizes that: Hypoglycemia Urinary retention Tinnitus The physician has ordered a low-potassium diet for a child with acute glomerulonephritis. Before administering a nasogastric feeding to a client hospitalized following a CVA, the nurse aspirates 40mL of residual.

Keep the bed flat, with a small pillow beneath the cast Provide crayons and a coloring book for play activity Increase her intake of high-calorie foods for healing Tuck a disposable diaper beneath the cast at the perineal opening The nurse is caring for a client following the reimplantation of the thumb and index finger.

Practice for the NCLEX-PN: Practice Exam 3 and Rationales

Withholding intake after midnight Telling the client that no special preparation is needed Explaining that a small dose of radioactive isotope will be used Giving an oral suspension of glucose 1 hour before the test The nurse is preparing to give an oral potassium supplement.

Stool cultures are preferred for definitive diagnosis.

Bone marrow is lost through the fracture site. The physician has ordered aspirin therapy for a client with severe rheumatoid arthritis. According to the Rule of Nines, the percent of burn injury is: Overuse of magnesium-based antacids can cause the client to have: Which of the following pediatric clients is at greatest risk for latex allergy?

The client complains of thirst The client has gained 4 pounds in the past 2 months The client complains of a sore throat The client naps throughout the day A client with iron-deficiency anemia is taking an oral iron supplement.

Give the medication without diluting it Give the medication with 4oz. The head is 4cm larger than the chest. Broiled liver, macaroni and cheese, spinach Stuffed crab, steamed rice, peas Baked chicken, pasta salad, asparagus casserole Steak, baked potato, tossed salad A newborn has been diagnosed with exstrophy of the bladder.

The nurse should pay careful attention to care around the stoma because: Standing orders for oxygen mean that the nurse can apply oxygen at: The medication is available in mg capsules. Orange juice Milk Apple juice A client is admitted with burns of the right arm, chest, and head.

Pull the ear down and back Pull the ear straight out Pull the ear up and back Leave the ear undisturbed A client with schizophrenia has been taking Thorazine chlorpromazine mg four times a day.

To administer the ear drops, the nurse should: Divide the amount into two injections and administer in each vastus lateralis muscle Give the medication in one injection in the dorsogluteal muscle Divide the amount in two injections and give one in the ventrogluteal muscle and one in the vastus lateralis muscle Give the medication in one injection in the ventrogluteal muscle A client with schizophrenia is receiving depot injections of Haldol Deconate haloperidol decanoate.

Pregnant caregivers may obtain cultures.

Which activity is most appropriate for the client with confusion and short attention span? Anorexia Tinnitus Pruritis A client is admitted to the emergency room with symptoms of delirium tremens.

The nurse is aware that the medication: Blood supply to the bone is obliterated. For the morning medication, the nurse should administer: The client should be told to return for his next injection in:This chapter provides a sample NCLEX-PN exam with detailed explanations for each of the answers to help you practice.

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Cells practice exam
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