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I think money is the biggest issue because how are most students from lower to middle class are supposed to pay 30,40, or even 50 thousand dollars to get a college degree.

I also blame the media for the decline of education because the media glorifies celebrities who are not educated and still are well off for example some high school students do not go to college because their favorite artists or role models did not go to college.

I went to a public high school that was pretty wealthy, one of the wealthiest in the nation, and we were starting to be graded on whether or not we could print out our homework and notes. The recovery process that will get America back to its previous state will take several years.

Their conscious is still going to tell them what they think is right. Although Bob Herbert, address a lot of issues but he did not focus on the main issue that is causing the decline of education, that main issue is money.

Especially from where I live and come from I know that there are not only foreign-born workers taking jobs, but also illegal foreign-born workers, which is not fair, And speaking from experience I can already start to Bob herbert argument essay that the school systems are experiencing some drastic cuts.

But all in all I really did like this article, especially the very end. Herbert brings many statistics to prove how Hispanics and Blacks in New York City have been stopped more by police than whites.

The reason for the Recession is very explainable, we are trouble due to many reasons including for example, all the wars that we cannot pay for or refuse to stop fighting, As a result of the Recession many cut backs have been made throughout the school systems and in turn are hurting the children, the sick, and the disabled people of America.

You need to work for good fortune; it is not just handed to you on a silver platter.


Policemen and women are people who also live in communities. A lot of students like myself are currently in a community college so they can save money instead going directly to a four year college.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. We need to work together as a nation and sacrifice in order to recover and revive the American dream.

But as we know there is not much to be done to stop this. For a government run program like a police department, it must be on a much higher level than regular society. Racism still exists today. They should not be stopping someone based on suspicion for the pure reason of their skin color or what country Bob herbert argument essay come from.

I totally agree with Herbert. I will always be looked at as a Jew. I think there are lot of things wrong in our society, thus causing the education decline in the United States. Herbert highlights the fact that people are not coming close to acquiring the education and training to maintain a middle class standard of living.

I think Herbert was right when he discussed the fact that we do need to stop and look at how much trouble were in, and stop avoiding the problem by using misguided deficit programs. The effects of the Recession will be felt for many more years due to the lack of ill-advised deficit program that has been in use for the last couple of years.

The truth is however that racism still DOES exist today; and it probably will exist for many more years to come. In societies stereotypes influence peoples opinions of different ethnic groups, no matter how not racist a person is.

They use their judgement to decide if something is suspicious. This passage was very interesting to me because of the discussion that it leads on the foreign-born workers and the cuts in the school system. No one can tell them to stop that, even if their suspicion is only based on someones race.

Herbert explains that we should not discriminate against these workers, but that the U. To me, I feel that discrimination towards those of foreign-born workers is very true.PUTTING OUR BRAINS ON HOLD Essay Sample.

Putting Our Brains on Hold 1. I think Herbert’s overall argument is that people in the United States are suffering significant decline in education, therefore losing its leadership qualities. Feb 02,  · By BOB HERBERT FEB. 1, Continue reading the main story Share This Page.

Continue reading the main story. That is an amazingly specious argument. The fact that a certain percentage of.

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Feb 08,  · Jim Crow Policing It is very helpful to have learned about the Civil War in my AP U.S. History class in order to address Herbert's article.

Jim Crow laws were laws enacted after the Reconstruction period that allowed "separate but equal." Bob Herbert: Agree or Disagree? This is a commentary on the writings of Bob Herbert. In “Hiding from reality” by Bob Herbert, he explains his view on how the American dream is slowly become less and less reachable and what we need to focus on in order for the restoration of the American Dream.

Recession is another argument that Herbert tackles, his opinion on the deficit reduction program is that it won’t help our. Laura Dunn English Essay 4-in-class midterm essay The article “Why Aren’t We Shocked?” by Bob Herbert is based on the degradation of women and girls in today’s culture, and how this is almost a normal occurrence for us.

It discusses the recent school shootings in Pennsylvania and Colorado and how not much was made of the. In the book called Argument by Seyler Gooch, there is an article of the name "Flailing after Muslims" by Bob Herbert. According to New York Times, Herbert is a journalist for them.

His main topic that he wrote about was politics, which makes him a .

Bob herbert argument essay
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