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Indian citizens were requested by the Indian National Congress to civil disobedience as well as follow the timely instructions issued until complete independence of India. On this day we take a pledge to defend our freedom with all our might.

Homage and tribute is paid to the freedom fighters, who lost their lives for securing freedom for the country.

Independence Day Essay

It is also celebrated by the people with family members, friends and neighbors by going at dinner, picnic, park, garden, mall for shopping or seeing film, etc. There are great enthusiasms among them.

This day is a reminder that the freedom we enjoy today has been earned the hard way and that we must value it as well as make the most of it for our good and the good of our nation. For more security reasons additional police forces are positioned all over the cities. At this day, people celebrate in their own way by buying tricolour Flag, watching movies based on freedom fighters, listening patriotic songs, bonding with family and friends, participating in special contests, programs, and articles organized by the broadcast, print and online media to promote the awareness about day.

The jubilation was tempered by the bloody partition of the subcontinent into India and Pakistan. That horrible riot was the reason of mass casualties and dislocation of people more than 15 million from their homes.

72nd Independence Day – 15 August 2018

We have already a gave a lot of information above in essay and speech, you can use some references from their for your anchoring speech script too. Core India does have imminent independence threat from neighboring countries and terrorist states, but Indian government and security forces are confident to handle them.

Underwriting independence Day essay in Tamil it should be revised thoroughly for any mistakes. In Delhi, the capital of India, this day is celebrated with great pomp and show. During the Independence Day celebration, the National Flags are also hosted in school and colleges where many activities are performed by the teachers and students.

All Indians will celebrate the 70th Independence day ceremony on 15th August, Independence Day in India is observed on 15th of August every year from as our country became independent on the same day from the power of British rule almost after years of slavery.

Why do We Celebrate Independence Day? They are responsible for handling these issues. Reception at Government office. It is the result of tireless efforts and countless sacrifices of our country-men.

Numerous colourful kits are seen flying in the sky. The spirit of patriotism is seen across the country particularly on this special day. This motivates our people, both young and old, to come forward and contribute towards the nation. Other people celebrate this day according to their own way such as watching patriotic movies, going outside to home with family, meet with friends or participate in the events organized in public places.

Homage is paid to those who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of our country.

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But, India struggling to control internal enemies. PM Modi also announced permanent commission for women in armed forces.The Indian Independence Day: The 15th of August is a very important day in the history of our country - India.

It was on this day in that India became independent. Best Independence Day (15 August) Essay for Children & Students.

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August 8, In Bangladesh and Kolkata of indian student love to independence Day essay in Bengali language this is define their attachment to the country. Short Essay on Importance of Independence Day in India Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles, Important India On April 22, By Festival Team Independence Day is an annual National Festival in India.

Jul 03,  · Best 72nd independence day essays with internal issues and others as a theme. plus words 15th August essay, content can be used for article and paragraph writing or speech/5(7). Independence Day Essay 1 ( words) The date, 15 th of August from in India has become a very important day in the Indian history.

It was the luckiest day of year when India became independent after lots of hard struggle and sacrifices of the Indian freedom fighters. Independence Day is annually celebrated on 15 August, as a national holiday in India commemorating the nation's independence from the United Kingdom on 15 Augustthe UK Parliament passed the Indian Independence Act transferring legislative sovereignty to the Indian Constituent still retained King George VI as .

Best essay on indian independence day
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