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Minority religious expression is now conspicuous by its absence. The Amar Desh paper published lists of alleged atheists, including the real names of those writing under pen names and where they lived.

Bangladesh blogger Ananta Bijoy Das hacked to death

This narrowing of acceptable beliefs is as costly and chilling to the diverse, rich variety of Islamic traditions as to the non-believer. Many who had rallied the Shabagh protests were atheists. I did my best to fake belief so no one would scent the absence of religion in me as I picked my way through the sweaty mass that afternoon.

They also published smear stories about the bloggers. These protests were named after the junction where the protesters gathered: But in Bangladesh the consequences of public atheism prevents all but the very brave criticizing faith, or standing up for those who do.

The Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina, initially appeared to offer sympathy. He was murdered on the street and and Bonya was wounded. You can only write about freedom of expression in Bangladesh if you are willing to give away all your freedom.

Mohiuddin was fortunate to escape to Germany himself. When Ananta Bijoy Das was hacked to death last week, Mohiuddin was trying to help him leave, he says. Joseph Allchin is a freelance journalist. The video also urged followers to carry out other such attacks against "blasphemers. The attack took place at around 8.

Since then, much has changed. In Bangladesh, there is huge stigma attached to not being part of a religious community. The previous month blogger Asif Mohiuddin was stabbed near-fatally and hospitalized.

In the years since independence, military dictators rehabilitated these leaders, desperate for any legitimacy they could extract from their perceived piety. On the whole, those I met were welcoming and one member of the Islamist party, Jamaat-e-Islami, whose leaders are on trial for war crimes, lent me his skull cap, which helped reassure all concerned.

Islamists protested the benign comments and called for his death. But the political costs of associating with atheists became too much. One is fighting for permanent asylum abroad.

As I photographed the crowds, I noted that some of the most enthusiastic were dressed with the classic skull cap, beard and flowing robes, signifying they were practicing Muslims. The other two are still struggling to escape.

The fair is organized to celebrate International Mother Language Day which remembers the contributions of Bangladeshi who died fighting for the rights of their countrymen to retain Bangla, their mother tongue, as the official language of then East Pakistan.

Police said they were investigating the murder, but no immediate arrests were made, news reports said.The Final Posts of a Murdered Blogger “No one with a free mind can limit themselves within the walls of narrow-mindedness,” Ananta Bijoy Das.

Four unidentified assailants wielding cleavers and machetes hacked Ananta Bijoy Das to death on a busy street as the blogger was heading to work in the city of Sylhet, according to news reports.

Kamrul Hasan, commissioner of Sylhet police, told local journalists that the four assailants fled the scene. Ananta Bijoy Das was set upon by four assailants with machetes in Sylhet district, a local police official told Reuters.

The year-old, who worked as a banker, was a blogger who advocated secularism through his writing.

Blogger Ananta Bijoy Das hacked to death in Bangladesh by Muslim extremists

Ananta Bijoy Das had left his home and was riding to town in a rickshaw when four men armed with machetes jumped on him and hacked him to death, according to police.

The attack took place at around am local time, and is believed to be linked to secular blog Mukto-Mona, which Das wrote for. Ananta Bijoy Das was attacked by masked men with machetes in Sylhet, police say.

He is said to have received death threats from Islamist extremists. Mr Das wrote blogs for Mukto-Mona, a website once moderated by Avijit. Our editor, Ananta Bijoy Das captured our motivation in writing the book. His comment on the inside cover reads, The Philosophy of Disbelief written by Avijit Roy and Raihan Abir is a must read for Bengali speaking skeptics, agnostics, atheists, humanists and for.

Ananta bijoy das writing a cover
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