An analysis of the different views of the incan empire

Perhaps more importantly, smallpoxinfluenzatyphus and measles had spread from Central America. The other people became afraid and ran away. Indigenous people of Peru today retain some echoes of the Inca way of life, but most of the culture has vanished.

Below the Inca there were four main classes of citizens. The Incas exchanged populations in conquered areas. It is said that he and his sisters built the first Inca homes in the valley with their own hands.

Lowest on the social ladder were the peasants, which included the majority of the population. The Incas ruled the Andean Cordillera, second in height and harshness to the Himalayas.

He claimed power by virtue of having been descended from the gods. In particular, smallpox spread quickly through Panama, eradicating entire populations.

Ciezo de Leon, a conquistador himself, wrote of the astonishing surprise the Spaniards experienced upon reaching Cuzco. The Inca empire as a whole had an economy based on exchange and taxation of luxury goods and labour. News could be broadcast at speeds of up to miles a day through the chasqui system.

The Wari occupied the Cuzco area for about years. The Incan civilization reached its peak in the 15th century, under the rule of Pachacuti. Inca walls show remarkable craftsmanship. The Inca offered them ceremonial chicha in a golden cup, which the Spanish rejected. The Inca Empire developed no form of traditional writing, relying instead on the transmission of information passed on by mouth and khipu, knotted strings that have yet to be deciphered.

During his reign, he and his son Tupac Yupanqui brought much of the Andes mountains roughly modern Peru and Ecuador under Inca control. A high road crossed the higher regions of the Cordillera from north to south and another lower north-south road crossed the coastal plains.

Building materials and ceremonial processions traveled thousands of miles along the roads that still exist in remarkably good condition today. If an Inca was caught stealing but it was not proven, the local official would be punished for "not doing his job properly.

He would send messages to the leaders of the lands to be conquered telling them the benefits of joining the Incas. As such, the name Imperio inca "Inca Empire" referred to the nation that they encountered and subsequently conquered. With the aid of disease and the success of his initial deceit of Atahualpa, Pizarro acquired vast amounts of Inca gold which brought him great fortune in Spain.

Its capital was the modern day city of Cuzco, which is presently the country of Peru. Inthey began a far-reaching expansion under the command of Sapa Inca paramount leader Pachacuti-Cusi Yupanquiwhose name literally meant "earth-shaker".

Reinforcements for his troops came quickly and his conquest of a people soon moved into consolidation of an empire and its wealth.

The Spanish interpreter, Friar Vincente, read the " Requerimiento " that demanded that he and his empire accept the rule of King Charles I of Spain and convert to Christianity. For as is well known to all, not a single village of the highlands or the plains failed to pay the tribute levied on it by those who were in charge of these matters.

Duped into meeting with the conquistadors in a "peaceful" gathering, an Inca emperor, Atahualpa, was kidnapped and held for ransom. Spanish culture, religion, and language rapidly replaced Inca life and only a few traces of Inca ways remain in the native culture as it exists today.

He finally arrived with his brothers and all of their wives and sisters to the cave of Pacariqtamba in the Valley of Cuzco. First was the Royal family, nobles, military and religious leaders.

Wives were given an allowance of wool. Inca Empire The Inca Empire reigned from untilspread out through the entire western coast of South America. After defeating his three brothers, who turned to stone after death, and taking their wives, Manco Capac became the first ruler of the Incan Empire.

Chinchaysuyu northAntisuyu east; the Amazon jungleQullasuyu south and Kuntisuyu west.

Communication and transport was efficient and speedy, linking the mountain peoples and lowland desert dwellers with Cuzco. There was a great quantity of jars of gold and silver, set with emeralds; vases, pots, and all sorts of utensils, all of fine gold His son, Sinchi Roca, became the second emperor of the Inca.

However, the Inca were still effective warriors, being able to successfully fight the Mapuchewhich later would strategically defeat the Spanish as they expanded further south.

Shorter crossroads linked the two main highways together in several places. The following quote describes a method of taxation:Compare and contrast Aztec and Incan Empires Although the Aztec culture and political goals differ greatly from the Inca empire's, both their political and social life were infused with religious meaning.

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An Overview of the Incan Empire in Peru. words. 2 pages. A Comparison of The Inca and the Aztec Communities. An Analysis of the Different Views of the Incan Empire.

Pizarro conquers Incas Analysis of 10 Facts

words. 2 pages. A Look at the Major Tribes That Inhabited the Pre-Inca Empire. 1, words. The Inca also settled in Ingapirca. The Inca capitol, Cuzco, was founded in The Incan empire became the largest empire in America.

The Inca tribe was built in war and conquest. As they conquered many areas their population rose to over 9 million people.

Inca Empire

The housing of the Inca tribe was unique. If we look at 15th-century Mesoamerica, we see that the fastest growing empire of the time was the Incan Empire. The Inca created an elaborate society, which, before it fell to the Spanish, was the largest nation on Earth, and it remains the largest native state to have existed in the western hemisphere.

The Lost Inca Empire

The rise of the Inca Empire was spectacularly quick. First, all speakers of the Inca language Quechua (or Runasimi) were given privileged status, and this noble class then dominated all the important roles within the empire. Inca Essay Examples.

7 total results. A Comparison Between the Inca and the Aztecs. words. The Incan Empire and Its Importance to the History of America. words. 1 page. An Analysis of the Different Views of the Incan Empire. words. 2 pages.

The Roles and Responsibilities of a High Priest in Ancient Inca Civilization. words.

An analysis of the different views of the incan empire
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