22-step great screenwriting and genre of books

Greed Many authors damn their efforts from the start with a premature focus on snagging a lucrative book deal. As a form of communication, writing needs an audience. So it goes with your manuscript.

Your quirky observations about the world around you? To draft a story—and then stop there—is to ignore the very nature of literature, which constructs meaning through the deft layering of craft elements.

Register for the Next Boot Camp Today! It must be prepared carefully, and to specification, with complementary flavors and courses. Step away from your current project as long as you can bear it—then wait an additional week.

Your manuscript can only improve as a result. Envy Creative people are notoriously insecure. Greed looks toward the uncertain rewards of tomorrow. Just like with physical exercise, whipping your talent into shape takes time and dedication. The joys of writing are available to you today.

The 7 Deadly Sins of Self-Editing

Is it your voice? With a friend or writing group, analyze your draft for what is uniquely you. Then apply this same philosophy to your work at the sentence level, killing your darlings and eliminating excessive adjectives and adverbs, along with verbose descriptions.

Bring out the flavor of both your story and your style, but stop short of overseasoning. Gluttony A great novel is like a gourmet meal.

Examine plot points, characters, description, dialogue and exposition, until you have precisely what you need to tell your story, and not a character or subplot more.

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22-step great screenwriting and genre of books
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